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In a time when cutting costs and increasing efficiency is crucial for businesses of all sizes to survive, making sure you are taking advantage of systems that allow you to achieve this or more important than ever.

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  • Save Money
  • Reduce Hardware & Resources
  • Eliminate Upgrade Costs
  • Flexibility to Your Remote Employees

5 Ways Software as a Service Improves Your Fleet Operations

About RTA Fleet Management Software

It didn’t take long for RTA’s founder, Ron Turley, to find that managing UPS® 's fleet in the mid 1960’s would consist of putting out daily fires, and in turn would consume all of his time. So, he created an approach that helped him implement proactive solutions for increasing the efficiency of managing their fleet. Over the course of his time at UPS®, he saved the company over $100 million in costs, which would be roughly $300 million today.

Forty years later, Ron’s business is still in the family, and our goal is the same: We help fleet managers run their fleets with more efficiency and less hassle at a cost their companies can’t afford to pass up.

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City of Vancouver Washington

“(Because) it’s awesome!! It meets the needs of any size fleet, private or public! RTA staff are the best! But most importantly, RTA cares!”

City of Vancouver, Wash.

Beaver Bus Lines

“RTA is very easy to use (for what we use it for at our business). The customer service is excellent–I’ve always been helped immediately and swiftly. Keep up the good work!”

Beaver Bus Lines

City of Casa Grande

“RTA does everything I need and more. I never have to wonder if I will have the information I need at any given time with the reports that are available to me.”

City of Casa Grande

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Track and analyze your fleet better.


Save Money

Multi-level opportunities to decrease costs.


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Safer vehicles, safer operators, safer roadways.