Improve Your Fleet Performance with RTA

Massachusetts Awarded RTA the State Contract (VEH118) for Fleet Management Software

What does MA VEH118 do for your Fleet Success?

  • This state-wide contract assists with the procurement of a cloud-based, fully hosted Fleet Management Software (FMS)
  • The OSD of Massachusetts has determined that RTA is a best fit for tracking and managing your fleet.
  • Special statewide pricing when purchased through COMMBUYS
  • Quick implementation (avg of 30-45 days) with priority onboarding and training access.

Who qualifies to buy under this contract?

Any city, state, and local government entities as well as non-profit organizations operating in Massachusetts can purchase RTA’s fleet management software and services without the need for independent bids.

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Why RTA?

RTA’s all-in-one FMIS is powerful, modern and web-based enabling you to confidently manage your assets, shop, parts and inventory from anywhere. With RTA you can:  

  • Improve fleet availability and utilization  
  • Enhance PM compliance 
  • Reduce average repair times 
  • Decrease unscheduled maintenance 
  • Lower cost per vehicle 
  • Facilitate life cycle analysis 
  • Optimize replacement planning 
  • Track real-time labor activities 

RTA streamlines operations, optimizes your fleet performance, and helps you further analyze your fleet needs, providing:

  • Work Order Management 
  • Purchase Order Management 
  • Parts and Inventory Management 
  • Vehicle and Asset Management 
  • Fuel Management 
  • Motor Pool 
  • Reporting and Analytics 
  • The One and Only Fleet Success Scorecard  
  • Notification Engine 
  • Powerful Integrations