A Fleet Operation's Guide to Performing Efficient Vehicle Inspections

A manual to keeping your fleet operation compliant, safe and efficient when performing vehicle inspections.

Keep Your Fleet Operation Compliant, Efficient When Performing Vehicle Inspections

eDVIR applications allow operations to save time when completing inspections.

To ensure your vehicles are safe to be on the roadways, and to adhere to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) guidelines, drivers need to conduct vehicle inspections before and after each route. While these are necessary, they can also be time-consuming for drivers and technicians. 

To keep your drivers and shop running efficiently, learn how using Electronic Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports can benefit your operation.

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Table of Contents

Keep Your Fleet Operation Compliant with eDVIR Applications

Drivers Must Perform Vehicle Inspections Before and After Each Route.

It’s important to ensure all vehicles on the roads are safe. Therefore, fleet operations may have internal processes drivers have to follow to conduct regular vehicle inspections. The FMCSA also mandates that commercial motor vehicles be inspected by drivers before and after each route. If issues are found during an inspection, operations need documents to prove repairs have been made. The inspections and repair documents also have to be kept on-file at the operation for three months.

Electronic Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (eDVIRs) can help fleet operations stay compliant by:

  • Reminding drivers to perform vehicle inspections before and after routes.
  • Letting drivers perform inspections on digital forms instead of handwritten, paper forms. This saves the drivers time and makes it easier for technicians to decipher reports to ensure the correct repairs are made in the shop.
  • Alerting drivers when their vehicles’ repairs are complete. This lets the driver know when the vehicle is ready so he or she doesn’t drive it on the roadways before it’s repaired.
  • Keeping required forms digitally so they are easy to access and don’t get lost.

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Save Drivers Time by Using eDVIRs

Electronic Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports Can Provide Drivers with Conveniences to Save Time. 

Drivers need to complete their routes on-time and on-schedule, which can make performing pre- and post-trip vehicle inspections difficult. Using eDVIR applications can help save drivers time.

These apps provide the following time-saving measures for drivers:

  • Flexible digital forms that can be customized to specific vehicle needs.
  • Take photos of damage to vehicles instead of writing long, handwritten descriptions.
  • Post vehicle inspections to the app, allowing technicians to see the reports, schedule the repairs and gather the parts before the vehicle returns to the shop.
  • Real-time status updates on the vehicle through the application instead of trying to get updates from technicians.

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Improve Your Vehicle Repairs Process

eDVIR Apps Can Make Repairing Vehicles More Efficient.

When drivers complete vehicle inspections, their results are sent to the shop so technicians can make the repairs. This puts a lot of pressure on technicians to quickly decipher the inspection notes, make the repairs and get the vehicles back out on the roadways.

Electronic Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports can assist technicians during this repairs process. Some of the benefits they provide to make repairs more efficient include:

  • Alerting technicians to repairs needed on a vehicle before the asset arrives in the shop. This lets them prepare for the needed work, and it also lets them tell drivers if the vehicle should be taken off the road immediately or if it can finish the route and be repaired later.
  • Allowing technicians to access vehicle inspections on a shared platform so they can get more insight into the issues with a vehicle before the driver and asset return to the shop.
  • Providing technicians easy-to-read forms so they don’t have to spend extra time deciphering the driver’s handwritten notes.


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Take Burden Off IT Staff with eDVIRs

Software Companies Provide eDVIR Application Maintenance, Upgrades

Your fleet operation’s Information Technology (IT) staff may be in high demand to keep employees’ computers and devices up and running. When you use eDVIR applications, you can get the convenience you need from the software without requiring additional help from your IT team.

Electronic DVIRs can take the burden off your internal IT staff by:

  • Offering secure platforms. eDVIRs require users to enter log-in credentials and passwords, ensuring only those with permission can access the app. This keeps the information stored in the app secure.
  • Securely transferring information from the eDVIR app to the main fleet management software system. This keeps all of the information in one place, and it does it without any heavy lifting from the IT team.
  • Requiring minimal maintenance. The software providers perform regular maintenance, updates and enhancements so your internal IT team doesn’t have to.

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